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The digital, design and web industries are ever evolving. Part of dominating your (digital) space is not only to stay up to date, but predict future changes to stay ahead of the curve and your competitors. Have a read and pick our brains on some of these updates.

What it takes to develop a Corporate Identity

4 June 2021

Corporate identity is not just about picking a colour palate and a nice logo. It requires the creation of a visual language. Here are 4 steps to guide you through the beginning of building a corporate identity.

Measuring Social Media Success

3 July 2020

If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.” Lewis Caroll’s words ring true universally in many spheres of life and industries of business.

Designing with the end (user) in mind

2 June 2020

From wine labels and websites to logos and brochures, the criteria to justify beautiful design rests upon how well it serves its function.

Quick Guide to Video Conferencing Tools

18 March 2020

Utilising video conferencing tools to stay connected is not a new idea. Neither is working remotely. The latter trend has been gaining more prominence over the last few years as teams and expanding and requiring more flexibility while companies require larger talent pools (among other reasons).

Why your business needs a video

4 March 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more can we tell with video? Suddenly, “a thousand words” is quite limiting. Social experts predict that video views on mobile will continue to rise 100% every year (probably until video will completely replace all other content on social media platforms).

Get Loyal Customers to promote your Brand and Product

19 November 2019

Working on numerous brands across a spectrum of industries, we have learned that digital marketing strategies should be about the customer, not the business.

The Potential of Social Media

1 November 2019

Social media is not a “nice to have” anymore. It has become mandatory. Prospective customers search on social media for reviews and base your credibility and authority on what they find. If your social media is substandard, they might judge that your products or services will be substandard as well.

Love at first sight: designing eye-catching packaging and labels

17 September 2019

Phenomenal packaging and label design are more than colours, shapes, sizes, illustrations and the type of paper used. Andrew Gibbs mentioned that “well-designed packaging has the power to turn a want into a need, and into a purchase”. Sometimes we buy an unfamiliar wine because we liked the label for instance.

Why Brand-Consistency is Key

9 September 2019

Branding comes down to crafting specific perceptions: what do you want your prospective and current customers to think, feel and do when they hear your brand’s name?

What makes an exceptional annual report?

12 August 2019

Annual reports are more than just letters from the C-Suite, financial statements, an overview of the industry you are operating in, and the market price of stock and dividends. It’s an opportunity to create a deeper understanding of the soul and purpose of your company. This document contains a spectrum of data and information.

Corporate Identity vs Branding: What’s the Difference?

7 June 2019

Logos, brands, branding, brand image, brand identity, corporate identity? All they all the same thing or completely different ideas? And what is all the confusion about?

What it takes to Develop a Website for your Business

3 June 2019

In the digital world we live in, having a website is a necessity. As mentioned before, there’s no excuse anymore to not have a digital homepage for your business, no matter how small it is. Consumers these days look up a business online before choosing whether or not to dedicate their money to a brand.

Digital Ecosystems: what are they?

23 May 2019

If you like to stay abreast of digital jargon, you might have heard the words ‘digital ecosystem’ floating around the internet for a while. And if your business is linked to the internet which, let’s face it, is not avoidable anymore, you need to know what a digital ecosystem is, how they have evolved, and why you need one.

Claiming Your Digital Space

13 May 2019

Your digital space is an ecosystem consisting of digital platforms your brand owns, such as your website, social media profiles, e-newsletters, Google Ads account, etc. To “claim your digital space”, all these elements need to function interdependently in a coordinated and integrated manner. No digital platform should function independent from the rest of these digital elements.