Claiming Your Digital Space

What does it mean to claim your digital space?

Your digital space includes all online real estate that you as a brand own – your website, social media platforms, and all other related electronic communications (such as emails or texts). In order to ‘claim your digital space’ you need to utilise your online spaces in a coordinated and integrated way. This allows you to maximise, optimise, and leverage communication with the market place and your prime target audiences.

So, why is this important?

By claiming your digital space, it makes it easy for your target audience to find you, as you create a presence online and thereby stand more strongly against your competitors and potential criticisms.

Claiming your space is not just about creating a one-way communication with your target audience. It is about creating the means to harvest and survey reactions to your online presence. This allows you to get real business intelligence and opens the door for you to begin asking questions such as – What is working? What is not? And why? What is it that we need to change, stop doing, or start to introduce?

How to you go about claiming your digital space?

order to get the most out of your digital space it is important to claim as many possible social roads that can lead your audience to your digital home. Your digital home is your brand website. Traffic can be lead to your brand home in many ways, such as directly (via URL), organically (searches that lead to your site), via social media, via paid search, or via referral.Therefore, it is crucial to utilise as many of these avenues as possible in order to maximise traffic. We recommend taking advantage of Google Analytics in order to monitor these avenues and note which are being utilised and which you can still claim.

By claiming as many reputable digital platforms as possible, and building a high-ranking brand name your brand name can begin to dominate first page Google results. As a basic claiming requirement, we would suggest making sure that you have Google My Business (Google Maps), LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social roads are the most important as they introduce free referral links to your brand home and drive continuous social media traffic to the website.

This week’s checklist:

  • Do you have all your social media links on your website?
  • Have you claimed every reputable social platform for your brand?
  • Have your employees claimed your brand on their LinkedIn profiles?
  • Do your employees engage with your brand on their social profiles?