Why your business needs a video

4 March 2020

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more can we tell with video? Suddenly, “a thousand words” is quite limiting. Social experts predict that video views on mobile will continue to rise 100% every year (probably until video will completely replace all other content on social media platforms). To dominate your digital space, you must act now. So, starting with the basics, here are…

Types of videos you can make for your business

  • Live video: besides being very popular on Instagram stories, companies are starting to utilise live video on Facebook as well. This is a great tool to become and industry thought leader. Social Media Examiner conducts live interviews with industry experts on the latest developments and how it will impact marketing efforts in the future.
  • Tutorials: these videos don’t need to be long and boring. There is great potential to make tutorial videos exciting! Winemakers can leverage this during harvest to give a sneak peak behind the scenes and engage with their followers on interesting facts when it comes to wine production. For example, how to tell Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes apart, how to identify the optimal time for harvest, different soil types and the impact it has on the wine, etc.
  • Product video: bordering on tutorials, explain your product, the heart behind it and what you can do for your customers. Mercedes Benz regularly shares features in the latest car releases and how to get the most out of this luxury car.
  • Brand video: Simon Sinek made a striking point when he said companies should know why they exist before they know what to offer. Stand out from the clutter and explain your “why” with a quick video produced professionally. You can also boost this video on Facebook to get more followers.
  • Testimonials: this will become an increasingly important part of your digital marketing strategy. Prospective customers are searching for trusted feedback from your current customers on your services and what they can expect from you. These videos don’t have to be Verimark-like.
  • Ads: creating a video of your product and just boosting it on social media will not have the highest conversion rate, assuming that you want sales. To attract new customers and increase your sales, we keep the buyer journey in mind. Remember, anyone will go through three phases before they finally buy something: awareness, consideration, conversion. You cannot rush them through this journey, so you need to have a strategy to allow them to move at their own pace. We have the perfect solution for you and would love to chat!

There are numerous other types of video you can consider, including presentations, webinars, and explainer videos. Furthermore, here are…

5 reasons why your business needs a video

  1. In only two years (2022), 82% of consumer traffic will come from online videos.
  2. After Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine.
  3. You can tell an in-depth story in under 1 minute.
  4. Posting a video on Facebook will get more engagement than text and a photo.
  5. Posting a video on Facebook will get more engagement than text and a photo.

How video accounts for SEO

Have you Googled an existing company but couldn’t find them on the results page? Or wish you could rank for what your customers are searching for?

Having videos on your website is a brilliant and over-looked way of improving your ranking on Google’s results page.

  • Because people would rather watch video, they are more likely to visit your website to find the information they are looking for.
  • Google is prioritising websites with video content, meaning they would rather consider ranking your website higher than your competitors who only publish blogs.
  • If your videos are engaging, website visitors will stay to watch your video until the end, decreasing your bounce rate!
  • Know what your customers are Googling and create a video based on that, using their search keywords in your title.
  • Add a description of your video on the webpage and make sure you repeat the search keywords (without being spammy and repetitive). Google crawls and reads your descriptions to know what they sound rank you for.

3 pro video tips

  1. Be consistent! If you want to post a video every two weeks, you need to start and continue with this trend.
  2. Start with the most important point. You need to be scroll-stopping on Facebook and the furthest thing from annoying on YouTube. People will always want to skip the add, unless they see your video which is something they would want to see. So, you have a 6-second window to grab their attention and convince them that you are the solution they have been looking for.
  3. Across all our clients, we noticed that website visits from mobile are increasing monthly! Therefore, make sure they can view the video on mobile without having to (embarrassingly) switch off the sound. So, never make a noise and be sure add subtitles to your videos.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous ways to use video on social media channels, get more website traffic, increase your sales, and advance your SEO. We would love to share our ideas with you, so let’s have a chat. Contact us help you dominate your digital space with video.

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