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    Blaauwklippen Wine Label Design

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Blaauwklippen Wine Label Design

Client Brief

G2 was briefed by the client to develop a set iconography based on various elements found around the Blaauwklippen Estate. This needed to then be incorporated into the label as subtle supporting elements.

Our Solution

We started off by going to the Estate and taking photos of the various things the client wanted to be depicted.

This was then redrawn to create simplified line drawings of the elements.

Blaauwklippen rendering
Blaauwklippen rendering
Blaauwklippen rendering
Blaauwklippen  icons

The first set of iconography drawn turned out to be too fine and detailed to work on the label. The highbuild screen would not be able to hold that amount of detail.

They then needed to be simplified and we wanted to move away from the straight lines of uniform thickness to rather give it a rougher hand drawn feeling. This was then set up as a unit around the text elements of the label and tied together with filigree elements.

Blaauwklippen icons
Blaauwklippen icons
Blaauwklippen bottles

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