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    Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction brand development

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    Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction

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    Wine industry

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    design_website design

    development_website development


CFRW Brand Development

Client Brief

G2 have been working with the prestigious Nederburg Auction for a number of years. In early 2019 the client informed us that they want to rebrand the auction in order to move away from the perception that it was an event exclusively for Distell. The auction was renamed the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction, and the client needed G2’s help to develop a website and associated collateral material based on a new look and feel.

The client wanted the look and feel to remain "exclusive", yet be simple enough not to confuse people with the name change. Additionally, the client wanted to make sure that the existing clients and investors stayed on board. This mean that everything needed to look superb to validate their premium positioning.

Our Solution

Even before the new name was finalised, G2 was briefed to design and develop a brand new website for the auction in time for the event.

To save time on reverts and to speed up the design and development processes as efficiently as possible, a great deal of care was put in to designing a moodboard to set the desired tone the client had in mind. The overall look and feel was very much influenced by the photoshoot of some of the finer and rare wines that were on auction. A stately and traditional look was quire prevalent, making you think of oak desks and dark leather chairs; as you might find in an old estate study.

Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction animated logo

When consensus was reached on the new name for the auction, the client provided the logo to be incorporated on all material.

The website was designed around the use of big photos of some of the special wines. To offset the darker, more traditional imagery, most of the website used a lot of white breathings space and a sans serif font to incorporate a modern touch. It was important to quickly convey who and what the auction is, how to apply and attend as a bidder or how to enter wines as a producer.

Apart from the design, it was crucial to implement on-page and technical SEO best practices to ensure that the new website ranks well for specific keywords and against other international wine auctions.

G2 desktop website design

In addition to the website, G2 was also tasked to design the auction catalogue. Not only does each catalogue include the cover and theme for that year, but also the auction information, producer information as well as the various lots and their content.

Typically, a lot of content needs to be set in a short amount of time.

With the first Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction catalogue in 2019, the plan was to keep in simple compared to the previous years. The simplicity of the cover with the embossing and golden foil gives it a very premium positioning.

Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction animated logo
Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction animated logo
Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction animated logo
Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction animated logo

With the website and catalogue done, there was quite a lot of smaller collateral elements were needed to complete the full experience. These included invitations, bidding paddles and an animation that played on a big screen when not displaying auction items. Luckily, we could also convert the catalogue content into a presentation for the auction.

Cape Fine & Rare Wine Lanyard
Cape Fine & Rare Wine email templating

The event was a roaring success. However, website maintenance and SEO are continuous efforts. Furthermore, there are always ways to plan the road ahead to build the brand and digital systems to support the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction website and event.