• project name:

    Cape Town Gin Web Design and Development

  • client name:

    Cape Town Gin Co.

  • sector:

    Alcohol Industry

  • services:

    design_website design

    development_website development


Cape Town Gin Web Design and Development

Client Brief

G2 was tasked to design and build a website for Cape Town Gin that not only represent their colourful gin selection, but also depicts the vibrance of Cape Town and the surrounding area.

Our Solution

After compiling research, G2 advised the client that their bright gins gave them a unique opportunity compared to the other local gin brands. The result was a vibrant and bright #website that makes them stand out from the competition.

Cape Town Gin Website

The client had updated their gin labels recently, and we replicated some of the icons used on the label to make sure that the online presence ties in with the physical product. The lozenges used for each gin was also incorporated where possible, with their colour used as the base for each of the three gins.

In both the opening banner as well as stylised product shots we incorporated the botanicals to represent the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of gin.

Cape Town Gin Website
Cape Town Gin Website

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