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    Compuscan website

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    financial credit and data industry

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    design_website design

    development_website development



Client Brief

Compuscan, a trusted credit bureau and information services provider, collects, provides and protects quality data. G2 was tasked with designing their logo, then designing and building their company webite.

It is a complex industry, with serious rules and regulations, making it quite the challenge to represent it in a manner that others not in the field can understand. It was important to go into the various services they offer and what they entail.

Our Solution

G2 started by looking at upgrading the Compuscan icon and thus the logo itself. One thing that was important was that the Compuscan identity had to follow a monolithic band structure in order for all the subsidiaries to fit under the parent company and so that they all follow the same look and feel.

Compuscan logo design process
Compuscan logo

The colour scheme was also updated to incorporate the Compuscan red and blue, and people-centric images were incorporated into the website look and feel.

Compuscan employee working Data power to you

When it came to the website, the sheer amount of information and categories meant that icons combined with the colour schemes were used to help illustrate them better. This makes it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

Compuscan website mobile view

After updating the home page, the rest of the website was rolled out one section after the other in a continuous launch. From the start the mindset was to try and portray the information as simple and straightforward as possible.

Compuscan website design illustration

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