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    G2Design complete brand overhaul

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    Creative - Design, Development and Social Media Strategies

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    design_corporate identity


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Client Brief

G2, formerly G2 Design started their journey as a design agency in 1997. As is often the case, designers and agencies spend so much time doing creative work for their clients that they neglect their own brand. The last G2 update was in 2013 so it was high time to look at a rebrand.

The brief was to update G2 in a manner that looks contemporary and to showcase the client work we have done as interestingly as possible.

Our Solution

Obviously the first step was to dig up all the previous iterations of the G2 brand in order to get an idea of the progression done to date.

It is often quite difficult to find oneself across the table in the client seat, having to answer how you would define your company and the path you wish to proceed on. We had to condense what G2 stands for and who we are. Based on who we thought G2 was as a company, we could start to develop a visual representation of that ideal. This was also combined with the business strategy and our vision of the company growing and moving forward in the 21st century.

But as to the first question; “Who is G2, and what do we do?”

Our long answer is that G2 is a marketing agency. We find solutions for our clients by means of outstanding design work, effective and meaningful communication, based on a solid technical understanding of the digital and print mediums that culminate in a properly formulated strategy to ensure that all the various parts move towards the same goal. But at our core, it condensed to:

we create

G2 Logo design process

Once we had our heads wrapped around who we are, we could start thinking about what that looks like. The decision was made early on that the G2 branding would be rather reserved and toned down and that the focus, especially for our website, would be to make our design, digital and website portfolio do the talking.

To that end the logo was handled in a simple typographic manner with the G2 monogram delicately made, based on the quotation marks hidden inside both the G and the 2. The corporate colour scheme was also toned down to a selection of grey tones and a coral orange to act as a highlight colour when some visual impact was needed now and then.

For all the stationery and other corporate material, a very minimal and clean look was chosen. In a sense this made the elements reserved and perhaps a little more serious. The plan is that levity can be brought in on the correct material by means of copywriting.

G2 business cards
G2 quotes and invoices

To further communicate the new look some other elements were also created: G2 notebooks, corporate pens, branded water bottles and tissue paper amongst other things, all packaged in a branded box.


As previously stated, the clean design was purposely implemented to take a step back and highlight the website, digital and design work we do for our clients, combined with fun animation and effects created by our web developers.

G2 desktop website design

This same professional look was extended over all the G2 social media platforms in order to maintain consistency on all fronts.

G2 instagram
G2 t-shirt design
G2 bottle design

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