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    Great Bear Wine Label Design

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    Hill & Dale

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Great Bear Wine Label Design

Client Brief

Hill & Dale approached us to create a wine label for a Finnish tender, specifically targeted at the country’s more than 300 000 hunters. The brief required that the label feature a big game animal found in Finland. In addition, it needed to carry the region of production, grape variety and vintage. The instruction from client was simple (and filled us with excitement): Exercise your creative license as you see fit.

Our Solution

While a moose or deer seemed the most obvious choice of animal for the label, we decided on the bear – one of nature’s more fearsome predators, and an animal with a powerful physical presence. The choice immediately led to a name that reflected these attributes – Great Bear.

Great-Bear wine label

The illustration

In order to appeal to the hunting market, we wanted to convey the majesty of the bear as the master of its domain. We therefore showed the bear in a combative stance, as though defending this domain. We also decided on pencil as our medium of illustration as we felt that its rough, natural texture captured the bear's raw, untamed nature beautifully.

Great-Bear illustraion
Great-Bear label close up

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