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    Killarney International Raceway Corporate Identity

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    Killarney International Raceway

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    design_corporate identity

Killarney International Raceway Corporate Identity

Client Brief

We had to respect the brand equity, rich history and milestones of the Western Province Motor Club (WPMC). It is Killarney's legal entity. WPMC had featured in the logo over many years. Club racing enthusiasts had raised money, invested sweat equity and professional time to build and develop the track and its facilities.

Several international racing icons like Jim Clark, Stirling Moss and David Piper, had contributed to Killarney’s racing DNA. Now it had become a commercial multi-purpose racing and event venue hosting local, regional national and international championships.

The final approval for the design was to come from the Management and Sport Committee of Killarney – all former or current racers. The design team had to take them on the unfolding visual journey. They had to accept and ultimately embrace the design without a sense of loss of cherished images.

Our Solution

Two visual pillars stood out from the start – the iconic Table Mountain that always formed Killarney’s physical and logo backdrop and the bold, strong “K” of Killarney. Table Mountain’s international New Seven Wonders of Nature accolade would now bring even greater strength as a key design element.

Table Mountain’s symmetric and stylised outline formed the base of the “K”. Contrasting colours for the “K” and mountain with an almost machined cutout look distinguished the two key elements.

This provided a visual bedrock for the “Killarney International Raceway” wording and the “speed, passion, competition, family” slogan. These four words convey the essence of fierce competition and adrenaline but with a sense of belonging, of family. “Family” denotes both the racing fraternity and a family friendly spectator experience.

The “K” in Killarney was transformed from a mere letter to a strong structural form statement.

Killarney k with table mountain
Killarney  logo
Killarney icon

From old to new

The design brief was to clearly establish a stand-alone Killarney International Raceway visual identity – as a commercial, multi-purpose, international racetrack and event venue in its own right. Table Mountain provided the continuity element and bridge from the old to the new.

WPMC is still acknowledged as the legal entity in letterheads and appropriate stationery.

Killarney business cards
Killarney posters
Killarney  clothing
Killarney car branding
Killarney poster
Killarney billboard

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