• project name:

    Cape Georgian Wine Label

  • client name:

    Marklew Wines

  • sector:

    Wine Industry

  • services:

    design_packaging design



Client Brief

Marklew Wines approached G2 with a need for a new wine label design. One of their clients, a wine buyer in the Far East, wanted to label their own range of wines for distribution in predominantly the Chinese market. The wine buyer had a very specific idea in mind and he wanted the label to resemble the traditional French wine labels as he believed that he had a niche for that in his market.

Our Solution

After the initial briefing we organised a meeting between ourselves, Marklew Wines and their wine buyer client in order to pick the buyer’s brains and make sure we are all on the same page. We presented the client with a moodboard based on the initial brief supplied in order to get an idea of the direction they wanted the traditional wine label to take.

It quickly became apparent that the client would like the label to utilise a illustrated element on order to enhance the feeling of a traditional wine estate. The client also had a very specific colour palette in mind with the view of printing it on a nice uncoated paper stock.

The first thing G2 did was to start with illustrations of the farm house, doing them in various styles and trying to see what would fit the feel best. This also allowed us to get input from the client with regards to their preferred style.

Marklew Farm Illustration

With regards to the layout, we did not have much wiggle room design-wise as the client had a very specific thing in mind. This left us with the opportunity to play around with subtle variations in colour and with our font selections, under instructions not to go very elaborate.

Marklew Label Designs

After our first set of label options were presented to the client, we settled on a basic layout and colour scheme the client preferred. The client was still not satisfied with the illustration itself though, as they felt there was too much emphasis on the Cape Georgian farmhouse, so it was decided to zoom out a little and see it this could create the desired estate feel.

Marklew Label Wine Farm Illustration

This is the final version of the illustration that was settled on, a pen sketch of a the wine farm and the surroundings. This was then incorporated in the label design to create a very traditional and historical overall feeling to the completed wine label.

Marklew Wine Label Final Design

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