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    Orbit Integral Logo

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    Orbit Integral

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    design_corporate identity

Orbit Integral Logo

Our Challenge

One of our clients, Zestfruit, approached G2 to assist them in designing a range of new logos for them. Orbit Integral is a logistics company that focuses on loading slots, transit times, offloading slots, warehouse intakes, as well as track, trace visibility and manage the cost for their clients. The name “Orbit” is a perfect fit for this company - referring to the curved path of a celestial object like the moon.

Our Solution

The overall concept of this logo captures the meaning of “orbit”. Our design team loved the significance of the name and started playing around with circular shapes. Sometimes great design happens “by mistake” while exploring designs. In this case the icon was discovered while combining two “o’s” that symbolises the curved path. We looked at the negative space when these two shapes are placed together. The end result represents two curved objects revolving around one another also looking like the moon. The clean and simple characteristics of the lettering and placement of it enhances the balance of negative spaces in the icon. This gives the logo a complete look. Movement is created by including slanted lettering. A range of corporate blues are selected for this logo to create a confident and trustworthy look.

Orbit Integral Logo creation
Orbit Integral business cards
Orbit Integral Logo colours
Orbit Integral Logo versions

G2 supplied the client with a logo pack consisting of different colour varieations to be used by the client. This included full colour versions on light and dark backgrounds as well as one colour versions. Along with this we also provided client with a full colour chart with colour breakdowns.

Orbit Integral Logo style guide
Orbit Integral Logo on window

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