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Rascallion Wine Labels

Client Brief

What if the brand’s message was all about engaging with how it makes them feel emotionally? If this was the case, then how could the brand convey these emotions whilst remaining relevant? Rascallion wants to change the conversation with consumers so that they don’t talk about the wine only, they talk about what the brand says to them via its packaging and sensorial interplay. Rascallion wants its consumers to have fun whilst engaging with the brand. This was the task that Rascallion set the G2 agency.

Ross Sleet had worked with G2 for a number of years on various projects and was aware of the revitalisation of the agency’s design core, and their newly emboldened creative focus. The G2 team is young and receptive to new ideas, and executes them with a view to how consumers engage with products but with no deference to the old “rules” of provenance and reputation. This embracing of the assumed quality cues led the team to explore the creative brief delivered by Ross and execute it with core design cues that resonate.

Our Solution

The wines of the Word Collection provide an introduction to a world where words portray emotions and actions that stimulate the senses. They add to the experience of drinking wine as they embrace an uncomplicated world where the emotional connection between the word and the wine is direct and immediate. It’s not of tomorrow, it’s now, it’s fun, and it invites other to become involved in the experience. It’s seriously well made wine as well, which completes the consumer’s experience.

The visual communication evoked by the G2 design team provides a simple connection between the Rascallion Wines’ goals and consumers. The brand is directed immediately towards consumers and the desire that Rascallion has for them to physically embrace the bottles of wine, to read them, to enjoy them with good food and company, and to talk about them.

Rascallion Wines Labels
Rascallion Wines close up label


verb · [soo-sur-uh s]
Def: soft distant soothing sound (of waves breaking)


verb · [bom-buh-neyt]
Def: rumbling buzzing noise (of bees stirring)

Rascallion Wines close up


verb · [a–kwi–ver]
Def: quivering, trembling (with anticipation)


noun · [pan-dik-yuh-ley-shuh-n]
Def: lazy stretching (after a sound sleep)

Rascallion Wines close up

The Vinyl Collection

The Vinyl Collection range from Rascallion echoes the nostalgia zeitgeist which has emerged in the past few years. Younger, and older generations are discovering that modern, often raw technology cannot by itself service their emotional needs. When Rascallion’s wines are viewed through the prism of the past, they bring to life a desire to engage in a richer, more textured life, as vinyl brings to life music in a manner that digital music cannot reach.

Rascallion Wines close up rear view
Rascallion Wines rear view
Rascallion Wines poster
Rascallion Wines poster
Rascallion Wines cases

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