• project name:

    Vineyard to Bottle Campaign

  • client name:

    Zonnebloem Wines

  • sector:

    Wines & Alcohol

  • services:

    design_social media


Vineyard to Bottle Social Media Campaign for Zonnebloem Wines

Client Brief

Zonnebloem invests in craftsmen and artisans to ensure that every bottle is presented and enjoyed in a way that speaks to the care that went into its creation. To fully and comprehensively capture the “Hands that Work" at Zonnebloem, we conducted at 2-day photoshoot during harvest, from vineyard to bottle.

Our Solution

With photography from Xavier Briel (xavierbriel.com), we captured the harvest process of Zonnebloem as workers picked luscious bunches of grapes from the beautiful vineyards of Stellenbosch. The full-day shoot started in the morning, when the grapes were put onto the delivery trucks and taken to the cellar. Afterwards we went back to the vineyards to shoot the surrounding Stellenbosch areas. When looking at the images, it feels as if you are there too, picking the grapes in the warm sun.

Banner with vineyards and text with Zonnebloem's subline The hands that work.

The entire campaign was shown in 8 images for Instagram. The process was thus divided into 8 steps and each image was linked to an adjective that best described that moment captured in the image. Words were: Grow, Fruity, Lush, Focus, Juicy, Subtle, Taste and Classic. The main word in each image has a faded effect, not taking away the shine from the images depicting the stages of the winemaking process.

Zonnebloem's Vineyard to Bottle social media campaign by G2 as it would appear on iPhone
Olive green banner with text reading Craftsmanhip in all its forms

With each post came a 6-story collection. Each story collection shared more insight to the process, and showcasing more of the project. Showcasing more of the beautiful photography taken by Xavier. Simple animations of a truck moving along the story tied each scene.

Zonnebloem's Vineyard to Bottle social media campaign on Stories by G2 as it would appear on an iPhone
Zonnebloem's Vineyard to Bottle social media campaign on Instagram by G2 as it would appear on a tablet

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